[Egg.13] confirmation round

michal.starke at auf.net michal.starke at auf.net
Thu Jun 27 12:40:31 CEST 2013

hi all - 

At long last, here is the traditional message about confirmation. Please read it attentively, because: 

	* you must confirm if you want to come to the school *
The "confirmation procedure" starts today and ends on July 7th (about one week from now). Once you have confirmed, you can start buying your tickets, etc. There is no other procedure after confirmation.

Below is the ritual explanation of the confirmation procedure: what it is, how to do it, why we do it, etc.

What is a "confirmation procedure"?

 You just send an email to <egg-confirm at auf.net>  between today (June 27th) and July 7th  to confirm that you will be coming to the egg.

 You must send that email from the email address that is listed on your egg webpage, otherwise your confirmation will not work. 
 (To find out which email you registered from, go to http://egg.auf.net/people and click on your name). Sending an email from any other address will NOT work. 

 About an hour or two after you send the email, your egg webpage will show "confirmed: yes", so you will know that your confirmation worked.

Why do you this confirmation stuff? 

 Experience shows that many people who register don't show up at the school and that creates major problems for the school. But those who bother to confirm, do show up. This way, the egg school survives much better.

Do I really need to do it?  

 Yes, every registered person must do that. Grant or not. Friend of the local barman or not.

What happens if? 

 If you confirm, you make a binding commitment to go to the school. If you don't confirm, you are out!

But what happens if I confirm and then I don't come?

 We will reserve a special place in hell for you.
 (And ban you from future schools)

So make sure that you have access to email before July 7th, from some webcafe or whatever, and send your confirmation.

Finally, a couple reminders:

* If you decide at any time between now and the end of the confirmation that you do not want to go to the summerschool, and you want to explicitly let us know about it, simply send an email to 
	egg-withdraw at auf.net
telling us that you are withdrawing. No questions asked.

* If your email becomes unreachable, you will listed on the page of unreachable people:
If your name appears on that list and you think it shouldn't be there. Let us know, because unreachable are thrown out of the school automatically.


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